Jack Pearson

This Week in Robotics 26.11

How ants solve the traveling salesman problem Dance robots Meta’s AI wants to rule the world Humanoid robots will be worth billions

This Week in Robotics 19.11

Scary GPT-4 memes American Dynamism and its dissenters Research into helping robots to walk on rough ground, How to manipulate objects in complex ways

This Week in Robotics 11.11.22

Robots are going to get very easy - speech-to-task programming and AI end-effector design AI’s can program themselves now Amazon’s new robots Mechanical neural networks (this is cool) Why AI art is important

This week in robotics

Tesla’s former head of AI spills the beans Why robotics is progressing so slowly Argo AI’s employees are off to Ford Cursed images

AI hype - Raining on the parade

AI Hype, hype, hype Robots master soccer and ping pong Never fold laundry again Learn the future of the industrial robotics industry A tough week for vehicle start-ups